Leah gets schooled

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Leah gets schooled

Leah Maxwell had always been considered a little edgy. She liked to push things to the limits. For this reason, and the fact that she was the most stunning beauty in Riverton, she was the most popular girl in high school. She was about 5’8” with beautifully long, slim legs. She wore the shortest skirts possible to show them off. Being captain of the cheerleading team she had a flawless body. Sculpted abs, toned arms and legs. She was perfect. The boys loved her flowing black hair that cascaded down to her perfectly rounded ass. The thing they loved most about her was her perky breasts. A perfect C cup got her plenty of attention. Not only was she perfect, she was incredibly sexual. Even though she was a being, she’d never had sex. She enjoyed having the reputation of being a slut but knowing she was an 18-year-old virgin. It didn’t matter what other people thought.

Her favorite thing to do was to parade around school in short mini skirts without panties. She loved teasing the boys. The thing she enjoyed most was teasing all of her male teachers. Even some of her female teachers had taken a liking to her. She often gave peeks of her snatch to anyone she found willing to look. Pretending to drop a pencil or a paper she would bend seductively at the waist often giving a whole class of boys or a a long look at her dripping hole. She thoroughly enjoyed watching the bulge grow in the pants of her audience. It was so erotic knowing so many people wanted to fuck her.

These shows got her in trouble with the administration at school though. On more than one occasion she’d gotten called to Mrs. Ladlow’s office to get chastised and was repeatedly asked, nay, told, to wear less revealing clothes to school. The vice principal had no control over her though. Leah did what she wanted, when she wanted to. Multiple complaints from teachers—female teachers—didn’t stop her from wearing provocative clothing to school on a daily basis.

Mrs. Ladlow had finally had enough of her orders being disregarded. After being bombarded with complaints about Leah all day she finally turned to the principal of the school. 

“Mr. Larkin,” she began, “I’ve gotten numerous complaints about a student constantly violating the dress codes. I’ve talked to her on more than one occasion and she refuses to acknowledge me. I know this isn’t normally the type of thing you do but would you please talk to her for me? I’m at my wit’s end.”

“Of course, June. What’s the student’s name?”

“Leah Maxwell. I’m sure you’re familiar with her, uh, reputation.”

“I’ll have a talk with her. Have her paged and told to come directly to my office,” Mr. Larkin said.

“Thank you sir,” Mrs. Ladlow said as she exited the office.

Leah entered the office moments later. She was rather intimidated by the principal. He was a rather large, burly man; nothing but muscle. It was understandable why students tried to stay out of his office and in his good graces.

“You wanted to see me sir?” Leah stood at the door rather timidly.

“Miss Maxwell,” Mr. Larkin said, “Please come in and have a seat.”

Leah cautiously moved to the chair across from Mr. Larkin’s desk. She was wearing one of her shortest skirts that day so she immediately crossed her legs so as not to show the principal her naked essence. She’d never before spoken with the principal and had no idea of what to expect.

“Miss Maxwell,” Mr. Larkin started, “I’ve received some complaints about your clothing—or lack thereof. It has been brought to my attention that your improper way of dressing has offended both students and teachers alike. I was told you’ve been asked more than once to dress more conservatively. I have your file here and it says here you’ve been spoken to about twelve times in the past two months. I’m afraid I’ll have to take drastic measures.”

“What might these measures be, sir?” Leah had a glint in her eye. She wanted to test the boundaries of this man; maybe get herself out of trouble.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to call your parents. Perhaps they would be willing to step in and help us control our problem.”

The glint left Leah’s eye. She was incredibly afraid of her mother’s possible reaction to her real forced anal against her will defiance of authority. Her mother never saw how she dressed; she changed quickly after getting home from school so her mother had no idea when she returned from work.

“Oh, no! Please, sir, I’ll do absolutely anything if you don’t call my mother. I promise I won’t show up to school like this anymore. I’ll be more conservative. I promise!” Leah’s eyes started to well up.

“Don’t cry, Miss Maxwell,” Mr. Larkin said as he moved to shut his office door. “I’m afraid we don’t have many more options though.” 

“Oh, Mr. Larkin,” Leah sobbed, “Please don’t call my mother. I swear I’ll do anything!” 

“Stand up, Leah,” he ordered, still standing at the door. 

Leah Maxwell stood, not being able to face Mr. Larkin. Her favorite denim skirt rode just below her luscious ass cheeks. Mr. Larkin couldn’t help but imagine what he would love to do to that ass.

Still staring at her scantily clad bottom, Mr. Larkin said, “Reach over my desk and get that file there.” He watched as she leaned over his desk, revealing even more of her ass and her dripping cunt. He couldn’t help himself.

Mr. Larkin moved slowly to stand directly behind Leah. She sensed him there but didn’t turn around, still reaching for her student file. 

“I’ve heard about you being promiscuous, Leah,” he breathed. 

“No, sir, I’m really not, I’ve—“ 

“Don’t lie. I know you’re a little slut. I hear about you teasing every guy in this building. I can only imagine what you’ve done with them behind closed doors. Now it’s my turn.”

“Oh, God, no! Please don’t!” She pleaded with Mr. Larkin. “I’m a virgin, I’m waiting.” 

She could feel his hands on her thighs now. Leah kept her eyes clenched tightly. She tried to reason with her principal. She xnxxv sunny leone video didn’t want to believe her would be with him.

Even though she knew it was wrong, she couldn’t help but feel extremely turned on. As she continued to plead with Mr. Larkin her entire body was heating up and she couldn’t suppress her longing to have his cock inside her.

“You said you would do anything to make this better, Leah. There’s no sense in arguing or crying. You’re going to take this like the slut you are.”

Hearing her principal call her a slut made her even more turned on. Her cries gradually turned into mere whimpers. 
Mr. Larkin stood behind Leah with one hand on her and the other undoing his slacks. She was still bent over his desk in the perfect position to accept his throbbing prick. He slowly moistened the tip of his manhood with her juices.

Leah felt tears slide down her face and whimpered out a “no.” She wanted him to stop but needed his dick inside her. The waiting just made her more turned on. She wanted to be fucked and she wanted it now.

Mr. Larkin caressed her for a moment or two longer and finally, after hearing her final plea, rammed all nine inches into her streaming pussy. 

The pain was almost unbearable for Leah. The pain was intense, but the pleasure was even more so. She screamed as she felt her first orgasm from sex. He had to be tearing up her virgin cunt but all she could think of was wanting to ride Mr. Larkin’s shaft for days on end. 

“You’ve got a for being such a . You want that cock, don’t you? Oh you love being rammed from behind. You’re such a little slut,” Mr. Larkin grunted as he thrust deep into his student.

Hearing her principal talk like that led Leah to another screaming orgasm. She began to match his thrusts, trying to get all nine inches of Mr. Larkin into her tiny hole. She was grunting with the intensity of fucking her principal. 

Mr. Larkin grabbed Leah’s hips and thrust harder. Feeling her pussy clench on his throbbing prick sent him over the edge. He shot his hot load into Leah’s little snatch causing her to orgasm a third time and her knees to buckle. With Leah lying spent on his desk, Mr. Larkin let himself go limp inside her exhausted hole before pulling his cock out.

Leah could feel semen dripping down her legs. She couldn’t stop thinking of how amazing sex was. She knew it was going to become her new favorite hobby.

After cleaning up and sitting back down, Mr. Larkin said, “I don’t think anyone needs to know about this, Miss Maxwell. If I have any more complaints about your clothing I’ll have to call you down here again. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Leah said as she smiled to herself. “Thank you, sir.” As she exited the office Leah was already planning the outfit she’d wear to school the next day.