Phone Assistance

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Phone Assistance

Recently I purchased a new cell phone and experienced some problems while using the phone at home. I returned to the dealer and talked to my sales person. She asked me if I would mind if she came to my home to check it out since she lived in the area and I replied it would be fine. The next afternooon she showed up at the front door. She was in her mid twenties, about 5 foot 2 inches, bid round brown eys, and brunenett colored pageboy styled hair. I invited her in and offeed her a drink which she accepted. 

While checking my phone out I noticed she seemed to be checking me out on the sly. After she was done she said she was feeling a little light headed and asked if she could lay down on the couch. I said no problem. I sat on the left end of the couch and she sat down next to me and then laid down across my lap with her head on the arm rest. As she laid there with her eyes closed, I began checking her out. 

She was wearing a very low cut peasant style blouse that ended just above her waist and her slackes were low cut with zippers at each hip. Her shoes were of the high heel type and made up of many straps so as to reveal her naked /feet/">feet. As my eyes returned to her face, I noticed a little smile on her face, but her eyes were closed. She then asked me if I liked what I saw. I replieddefinitely. She then sat up, placed her arm around my neck,pulled my face close to hers, and she kissed me. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to know her better. I could even feel my cock beginning togrow. After our kiss, she looked into my eyes and told me to take her slacks off. She then laid back down and slowly pulled her zippers down while kicking her shoes off. As I slid the front flap of her slacks down, I could see the silky pink bikini style panties that she was wearing. I slid my hand inside her slacks and slowly slid them down as she raised her hips. When her slacks were passed her knees she raised her legs up and kicked her slacks off the rest of the way. 

She then sat a up again, placed her arm around my neck and kissed me after which she whispered to me to play with her pussy. As she laid back down, she spread her legs wide. I placed my fingers on the crotch of her panties and she let out a moan of excitement. I could feel her panties were soaked with the juices from her pussy. As I explored her panties I felt her hips begin to grind. She then, reached down with her hand and lifted the front of her panties up. She then told me that she said for me to play with her pussy. As I slid my hand between her panties and her pussy, I could her her begin to moan louder. By now my fingers were coated with the juices from her pussy. My fingers found the opening to her pussy and she let out a cry of joy as my finger circled the opening. I could feel her begin to raise her hips as she told me to slide my finger in deeper. 

As my finger went in I could feel the walls of her pussy tighten around my finger. When my finger touched the back of her pussy her legs began to shake and she again cried out with joy. I thought I was going to cum as her pussy was so hot and wet. I then slowly pulled my finger out and resumed my exploration. I knew I had found her key since she let out a loud scream as my finger slid slowly across her erect clit. I could feel her legs had begun to shake but something seemed different. As my finger explored her clit, I could feel it was not the ususal clit. Hers was probably about an inch or two long almost like a /cock/small-cock/">small cock. I took her clit between my fingers and slowly began to stroke it like a samll cock. I could feel her legs growing stiff and her breathing changed to panting. Then all of a sudden she screamed and her body began to shake as her body experienced an orgasm.

 She quickly sat up, grabbed my face with her hands and passionatly kissed me. She then pulled my hand from her pussy, held it up between our faces and told me to taste the juices from her pussy. As I slowly licked the juices from my fingers she also began cleaning my fingers with her tongue. When she was done to told me it was her turn as she slowly got up from the couch. Her fingers grabbed the bottom of my shirt and slowly pulled it up over my shoulders where she stopped and moved her hands to pull open my zipper. As I slid my shirt off of my arms she quickly unfastened the button that her my shorts together. She then let my shorts quickly fall to the floor. I could see her looking at the silky panties that I was wearing and my fully erect cock that was trying to get out. She looked up at me and told me my panties were /cute/">cute but they had to come off. She then fell to her knees and kissed the bulge that stared her in the face. Next, she slowly slid my panties down. As my cock came into view, she parted her lips and let my cock slide into her mouth. 

My knees free porn movies download were beginning to shake as she used her tongue to play with the tip. As she sucked and played with the tip of my cock she used her hand to play with my balls. I could feel the pressure building inside my cock as my knees continued to shake. Finally, I could not stand it any longer and let my /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum flow into her mouth. I could feel her slowly swallowing as my cock continued to fill her mouth back up. When I was done, she rose to her feet, threw her arm aroound my neck and kissed me. As we kissed I could feel her tongue slowly prying my lips apart and my hot cum began flowing from her mouth into mine. When our kiss had ended, she raised her arms over her head and told me it was my turn. I slowly pulled her blouse up over her arms and tossed it onto the floor. I then, reached around her body and slolwy unhooked her little pink bra that barely covered her breasts. 

As her bra slid slowly down her arms I began to stare at her large brown nipples that were fully erect just waiting for my mouth. She the sat down on the edge of the couch and slowly slid her panties down. As I dropped to my knees, she again grabbed me and kissed me pulling me onto her body as she laid back onto the couch. When our kiss had ended I eagerly moved my mouth to sample her nipples. I could her her moaning softly as I suckeled each of her nipples. She then, put her feet on the edge of the couch, spread her legs wide and told me to eat her pussy. By now my cock was fully recharged and ready for a new adventure. As I placed my lips on her pussy, I could hear her begin to moan louder. My tongue quickly found the opening to her pussy where she let out a muffled scream as my tongue circled the opening. 

As I slowly slid my tongue into her pussy, I could feel her legs begin to shake and the walls of her pussy seemed to pull my tongue deeper and deeper. Since I was not done with my exploration, I slowly pulled my tongue from her pussy as she pleaded for me to leave it there. As I looked up my doubts were confimed. I could see her clit standing tall. It must have been about two inches in height but I still had to check it out. As I kissed the tip of her clit , she screamed and tried to push me away. I persisted and finaly was able to slide her clit between my lips. I full hd xvideo download could her her breathing had changed to panting as she pleaded for me to stop. I slowly began to suck on her clit like it was a small cock. By now her legs were beginning to shake. I then held her clit between my lips and gently began to stroke it with my tongue. Her body grew tense as she grabbed the edge of the sofa.

 I gave her clit a few more strokes and a couple of quick sucks and she let out a loud scream as I triggered another orgasm for her. I released her clit from my lips and burried my face between the lips of her pussy. She reached down and grabbed my head and pulled it up towards hers. My face was completely covered with the fresh juices from her pussy. She slowly began to clean my face with her tongue. 

When she was done, she kissed me passionately on my lips with her tongue searching eagerly for mine. In the middle of our kiss she let out a muffled scream as she felt my cock slid quickly into her pussy. It took only a few short thrusts before I shot my new load of hot cum into her aching pussy. She just continued her kiss as I emptied my cock and then we collapsed into each others arms.