Two bets

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Two bets

Tommy and Kathy were avid football fans. Every weekend during football season, they would be watching every game from that was on any channel, and then DVR the games that they could. Any game that they watched was sure to have a bet on the game. Most of the time it was a back rub or a foot massage. Sometimes if it was a big game, the winner got to choose the restaurant they went to, or had to do dishes every night for a week. The bets were started just to keep thing more interesting, and they were light hearted and fun. Almost all of the bets had the loser doing something that would only be for the night, or a single task, but sometimes they lasted a whole week, but never more than that. The only time that things got heated, was two times a year when the Oakland Raiders (Kathy's favorite) played the Denver Broncos (Tommy's favorite).

Then the loser of the bet almost always had a week of tasks to do. The teams were in the same division, so they played twice every year, and most of the time they split the games. In 2008, the Broncos won the first game easily, and Kathy ended up serving Tommy breakfast in bed for seven days. It was a tough one because she had to get up so early in the morning on the weekdays, so she could make breakfast, and still get to work on time. The next game between the two was won almost as easily, but by the Raiders. Tommy found himself serving her dinner every night that week. Dressed in all black and silver as well. Almost every bet that Tommy won, Kathy would win the next, and her winning went just a little further than his.

This year was supposed to be different. This was supposed to be a breakout year for the Broncos. Tommy had a head full of confidence that his team was going to the Superbowl this year, and the way that the Raiders were playing, it should be the year that the Broncos won both games. When game three of the season came around, and the Broncos were 2-0, and the Raiders were 0-2, Tommy egged his wife on with no mercy. Every chance he had for the entire week, he kept on talking about what fun he was going to have with a win. All the things he could win from the bet on the game. The bet started out on Monday as the winner would be served dinner every night of the week. Tuesday had the bet escalated to serving dinner and drinks to the loser AND his or her friends for the whole week. Wednesday, the bet had gone even further to include the loser would be in lingerie, or a speedo while serving all the guests.

This was going farther than either of them had gone before, but Tommy was bold, and Kathy was stubborn, and as a result, the stakes of the bet just kept getting higher. Friday morning started with both of them tearing down the others team, and went through the whole day until Tommy suggested that if she was so sure that her team would win, maybe the loser should give the winner /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex every morning and every night for the next week. This was big because Tommy never went down on his wife. Kathy saw this as an opportunity to get some tongue, and quickly agreed to the bet, but made it a bet for two weeks instead of one. The only /bad/">bad part for Tommy is that no matter how hard he tried, he could never get Kathy to let him /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth. All he thought about was getting blown 28 times in 14 days. Both Tommy and Kathy were pretty blinded by lust by this time. Saturday went by without any changes to the bet, but both of them were taunting the other, Tommy more so than Kathy. By the time Sunday morning came around, they had snacks and drinks before the game so they could watch and not have to leave the room for anything. Just before kickoff, Kathy tried for a bluff to see if she could get out of the whole oral sex part of the bet. She wanted to raise the stakes enough to make Tommy too nervous and back down. Just as the teams were taking the field, Kathy asked if they could make the bet of oral sex anytime the winner wanted, and the winner could even pick where and when he or she would cum. To her /surprise/">surprise, Tommy readily agreed and the game started. By the end of the first quarter, Kathy had a lump in her throat, because the Broncos were ahead 10-0.

All Tommy could do was laugh and talk about how Monday morning how much he was going to love seeing her lips wrapped around his cock, and how she better get used to having his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in her mouth, because it was going to be there a lot. The end of the half didn't get better for Kathy. Her team was down 13-3, and the rest of the game wasn't much better. The final score of the game was 23-3. As the two were cleaning, and putting things away, Tommy had an evil little idea. As the winner of the bet, he could have oral sex anytime he wanted, and he got to decide where his cum went as well. He was finally going to cum in his wife's mouth and she was going to swallow. She would find out soon enough just what his little devious smile was all about.

Monday morning. Tommy was awake at six in the morning and was more than ready to start the day, and the bet. He gently woke his wife with kisses to her face and lips. Kathy smiled and then remembered the bet. His eyes told her all she needed to know, and she asked if he'd like to start the day with a blowjob. Pulling the covers away from his body, showing her his already hard cock, he agreed that it would be a great way to start the week. She started down his body, and stopped along the way to kiss and suck his nipples on the way down, and even kissed his thighs, and his balls before slowly taking his rod into her mouth. Although she wanted to win the bet, she still loved her husband and wanted it to be good for him. Slowly she pushed all of him deep to the back of her mouth, and then let him slip out of her mouth only to be stroked with both of her hands with the crown of his cock just inside her lips. He was leaking precum all over, and although she wanted to spit it out, she resisted the urge to help her husband cum faster. He was getting harder and longer when he tipped her head up so he could look into her eyes, and he reminded her that he the wwwxxx had won the right to leave his cum where ever he wanted. As Kathy's eyes got big, Tommy told her that this morning, he wanted his load of cum to be in her stomach. He knew this was a big deal, and thought she might even call the bet off, but he had to take the chance. With the exception of her eyes getting wide, Kathy showed no signs of changing anything.

Knowing that when the bet was over, it might be a very long time until he got head again, he was going to make the best of this two weeks. Just about when he was going to lose it, he pulled back to where just the tip of his cock was between her lips, and gave in to his orgasm. Jet after jet of cum splashed inside her mouth and on her tongue. She had to swallow three times pretty fast to get it all, and then one more time to finish him off. Later in the afternoon, Tommy surprised her by taking her out to a late lunch. The went to a drive thru, and as they pulled up to the window to pay and get the food, James pulled his pants open and told his wife he wanted a blowjob right now, and to swallow. With no hesitation, she did as asked, and swallowed his seed as three of the young guys from the restaurant watched. That evening he got his third and final blowjob of the night, and they fell asleep.

Tuesday was much like the previous day, with a load of cum in her stomach in the morning and before bed, except that she sucked him off in his office while sitting at his desk. Wednesday was the same morning and night as well, and the mid day load was taken in the elevator of his building. Thursday and Friday were much of the same, and by the time Saturday rolled around, Kathy was getting used to her mouth being coated with his massive loads of cum that she gulped to swallow. Saturday morning was no different than the rest of the week, but when her parents showed up for lunch, Kathy got a little nervous. There was no way she was going to let her dad see her sucking dick, even if it was her husband. During lunch, Tommy excused himself to get another coke from the kitchen, and asked Kathy to join him for a minute. She breathed a huge sigh of relief that at very least, he would have her suck him off in private. As she dropped to her knees in the kitchen, she asked her husband if he really wanted her to finish lunch with cum breath. He just smiled, and said, nope, your going to drink my cum right in front of them. Kathy was confused and horrified at the thought of being made to do that, but kept her mouth moving on his cock. Instead of pulling back at just the right time, he pulled all the way out and grabbed a glass from the counter and shot stream after stream into the clear glass.

Then when he was done, he tucked himself back into his pants, put five ice cubes in the glass and filled it with coke, and helped his wife to her feet. Without a word, he gently guided he back to the dining room with her glass in her hand. Sunday was without major event except that Kathy swallowed seven loads of cum. She later found out that he took three little blue pills that day. Monday through Friday was mostly a blur to Kathy. One load in the morning, one in the middle of the day one place or another, and then a third before bed. With only two days to go, Kathy could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Saturday started out pretty normal with her morning ’meal’, but quickly changed when she found out that Tommy had invited three of his friend to watch football at their house for the entire day. She really hoped that he wouldn't ask her to give him head in front of his friends. But thats just what he did, and with the help of a few more little blue pills, his buddies got to see her swallow six loads of his cum on Saturday, and seven more on Sunday when they all came back and brought a few more friends as well. All is all, in the two weeks, Kathy was amazed that her husband was able to shoot that many times in a two week time and not be drained. But the bet was over and it was time to look towards the second game of the year between the two teams.

The next game was in 10 weeks by the time the game rolled around, the Broncos were 8-5, and didn't seem as sharp as the beginning of the season, while the Raiders were 4-9, and seemed about the same as they were the /first-time/">first time they played. The week before the game was even more full of banter from both of them. Especially Tommy. He bragged almost non-stop how his Broncos were going to stomp the Raiders even worse than before and that he would be the first to win both big bets in the same year. Once again, the bet started out simple, but Tommy brought it to the end quickly this time on Tuesday morning. We both know where this is going to end up, so lets just cut to the chase and when the Broncos win, I get the same thing as last time. That is, I get to have your lips around my cock any time I want, and I get to deposit my load where ever I like. Kathy had taken all that she could, and was about to verbally blast him, when she had an idea of her own. With a smirk on her face, knowing that her team almost always rose to the occasion to avoid the sweep, she told him that if her Raiders won the game, he would cum where she wanted him to, and deposit his load where she wanted, and no where else. The only thought going through Tommy's brain was that it was a win/win situation. He would get to cum a lot either way. Kathy was wanting to win this bet very much because she had some ideas already forming in her mind.

The whole week leading up to the game was filled with comments and gestures from Tommy about her loss of the bet that was a sure thing, and how last time was nothing compared to the amount of cum he was going to produce this time. He told her that he had been on a special herbal diet to over double the amount of /semen/">semen that he normally did. Kathy just smiled and let him do all the trash talking because she had a secret and didn't want him catching on before it was way too late.
Game day. Once again, they got all the snacks and drinks ready so that they could watch the game without leaving to get anything. The game started with Tommy in a very cocky manner. Neither team was doing very well, but the Broncos scored on two field goals to have a 6-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. He kept telling his wife that she should get her knee pads ready because she was going to be there a lot in the next two week. Kathy was nervous for sure, but she knew the game was far from over.

The second quarter is the time that Tommy started to sweat just a little. Mostly because he hated to lose so much. He still thought that a loss would have him cumming a lot, and how could that be bad. The Raiders scored early with a touchdown, and then later on two of their own field goals to take the lead and extend it to 13-6 at halftime. The third quarter was all Tommy could do not to jump up and down and his Broncos tied the score with a touchdown, and then took the lead with another field goal. The gloating was getting out of control when the Broncos scored on yet another field goal late in the fourth quarter to take a 19-13 lead with just over two minutes in the game. He actually took a pair of knee pads from beside his seat and handed them to his wife. Then the unthinkable thing happened. At least in Tommy's mind that is. The Raiders got the ball, and with the look of a champion team, marched doen the field and scored a touchdown in the final seconds of the game. Tommy's mouth /hung/">hung open in utter disbelief. His Broncos had blown the game. Kathy just smiled and told her husband that she was going to take a nap because she wanted to be fully rested for the next day. Then she really confused him by saying that she was so glad the he was on that herbal diet, and that he was going to cum so much. With a confused look on his face, and a big smile on hers, she left him alone to wonder what she was up to.

Monday. This time it was Kathy that was the first one to wake up. She slowly slid under the covers and took her husband cock into her mouth, feeling him start to get hard in his sleep. When we woke up, he pushed to covers to the side to get a better lookat what she was doing. With a smile on his face, he mused that she won the bet, and he still got to cum down her throat. Hearing this, Kathy pulled her mouth off of his swollen shaft, smiled at him and told him that was now his job for the next two weeks. The smile on Tommy's mouth was gone. Like it had never been there at all. When she knew that he was as hard as he was going to get, she slipped her mouth off of him and crawled up his body and pushed her soaking pussy over his cock. He was all the way in on one stroke, and he was in heaven. She rode him just the way he liked it, and after a few minutes, she settled down on his cock and looked him in the eye. You will cum when I want you to, and I get to deposit your load wear I want. Is that right she asked him. With a shaky voice, not knowing where she was going with this, he agreed. Kathy sat up, riding him slowly up and down while stroking his balls at the same time. Your balls are so big this morning, I think your right, you are going to cum like a fountain. She started to speed up and felt his balls tighten and knew he was going to lose control any second. Just before he came, she leaned into him, and whispered that his cum would end up in his stomach before she was done. Just then, he started to cum. Kathy moaned that she could feel every hot spurt splash the inside of her pussy. He seemed to cum forever, and Kathy started to giggle when she felt how full her pussy was. When he was spent, she kept him inside her for a few minutes, just looking at him and watching his reactions as he started to understand what was going to happen to him. In a span of 14 days she told him, while sliding up his chest, I swallowed 42 loads of your cum. Her gaping pussy was just over his neck. Now its your turn, and she held herself over his mouth.

She looked into his eyes and told him to open his mouth, and when he did, she pulled her pussy open, and a huge glob of semen dripped out and into his mouth. Kathy laughed at the face he made, and told him that there was a lot more, and that he should get used to the taste because there was still a full two weeks in front of him. Then she squeezed her pussy muscles and gave him another mouthful of his seed, and another, and another. Tommy had no idea that he came that much and started to curse the herbal diet. Then Kathy put her pussy over his mouth and ground against his face until he had consumed his entire deposit, and she came twice while he did it. They showered and got ready for work. As Tommy was leaving, she told him to come home for another helping of himself, and she giggled again, telling him that if he forgot, she would invite his friends over, and then when he filled her pussy that night, it would be four loads instead of just one going in his belly. He made his lunch date. She greeted him at the door nude, and just pulled his pants open and fished his cock out and started to suck. Kathy had no intention of fucking him mid day, but had another surprise for him. She wanted this to be a fast one, and placed his hands on her tits to arouse him even more. He was happily stroking his wifes mouth, and right as he started to shoot, she pulled him out and aimed his cock into a wine glass she had behind her back. Spurt after spurt hit the inside of the glass until jism was just dripping out the end. With two fingers, Kathy scooped the last few drops, and added then to the glass. Smiling she stood up and placed the glass at Tommys mouth. Needless to say he was in shock. The only thing that brought him back to the moment is when Kathy tipped the glass, and his semen started to flow into his mouth.

The very second she thought he was going to spit it back into the glass, she took his cock in her hand and squeezed. Not really hard, but hard enough to make a point. No resisting was allowed. Tommy had to swallow four times to consume the entire load. And then Kathy poured some water in the glass and swished it around and fed him that too. Laughing, she told him that was his protein lunch, and to go back to work. The rest of the afternoon had him wondering just what else she could possible do to make this worse. And it did get worse. When he got home from work, they rested a bit, and ate dinner and watched a few things on TV. When bedtime came, Kathy led him to the bedroom and had him undress and lay naked on the bed. She then tied his hands to the posts of the bed, and tied his feet to a spreader bar that kept his feet about three feet apart. Next she grabbed the bar and started lifting his feet up and toward his head, and attached the bar to a device on the wall. All Tommy could focus on was the huge cock dangling above his face. Kathy called his name, and when he looked in her direction, she had a small remote in her hand. When she pushed the button, the device holding the bar lowered by about an inch. He noticed the cock in front of his face seemed to get a little bigger, or so it seemed. She hit the button again. Another inch closer. She would let him rest and then hit the button. Over and over, it just kept getting closer and bigger.

Tommy closed his eyes and for the first time in his life, wished he had a smaller penis. He heard her hit the button, and felt the tip of his cock touch his lips. Kathy reached down and plugged his nose. He held his breath as long as he could, but when he opened his mouth to take a breath, she pushed the button three times in a row, and pushed the first three inches of his cock into his own mouth. Again Kathy giggled, and told him he would stay there until he sucked himself off and swallowed every drop. Tommy started to suck because he knew she meant every word. When Kathy saw he was doing as she told him to, she leaned into the bar and pushed another couple inches into his mouth, and then relaxed, letting it slip out again. Each time Kathy leaned into the bar, more of his shaft entered his mouth. She was really getting into making him suck himself when she noticed his balls were getting tighter and his cock was swelling even more. Are you ready to cum she asked, and then pulled him to where his cock head was just inside his lips and pushed a single /fingering/ass-fingering/finger-in-his-ass/">finger in his ass, hitting his prostate, and forcing his orgasm. Tommys eyes flew open, and he struggled to swallow or drown in the torrent of his own pleasure. Afterward, Kathy untied him and they fell asleep in each others arms.
Tuesday through Friday were pretty much the same. A morning creampie, followed by and afternoon of being fed from a glass or dish, and then sucking himself off before bed.

Saturday was something different though he should have seen it coming. Tommy woke up and realized that his wife was already making breakfast downstairs. He got up and in the bathroom there was a note, and a blue pill on the sink. The note simply said, swallow this, or else. Not wanting to know what the ’or else ’ meant, he took the pill and went downstairs. Not a word was said while his wife finished breakfast. And when they sat down at the table to eat, she placed a wine glass on the table with a line drawn around the glass. He knew what the glass meant, but the line had him a bit worried. Remember my first Saturday of the first bet, she asked him. You made me swallow six loads that day, now you get to do it too. But if you don't get up to the line, then it won't count and you will have to repeat that load. Think your up to the task mister. This was just like her, taking his actions, and using them against her plus the extra step. Two more pills and 8 orgasms later (two didn't make the line) they were laying in bed together falling asleep. Sunday was nothing different from Saturday, except that she just wanted to make sure that he had to swallow more times than she did when he team lost.

Monday morning was just what he thought it would be, a early morning creampie. But then he was a little surprised when he came home for lunch, and Kathy was making him a brown bag lunch to take back to the office. He was relieved that the glass was nowhere in sight, and for a moment thought that it was going to be an easier week than before. How wrong he was. Kathy pulled him into the kitchen and asked him to pull his cock out and to start stroking. Still there was no glass around, and Tommy couldn't figure out what she was thinking. Just as he was starting to feel really silly stroking his cock in the kitchen, Kathy leaned down and took him in her mouth. The effect was like magic. He was rock hard right away and ready to shoot in just a few minutes. Once again, Tommy thought he was going to get to cum in his wifes mouth, and once again he was wrong. When cum started pouring out of his pulsing dick, he looked down and saw that his wife had opened his sandwich, and he was covering both sides of it with his copious load. When he was done, she put it together and wrapped it up and put it in the brown bag with the rest of his lunch. Then she called his boss, and told him that she made her husband a special lunch, and if he didn't eat it, it would hurt her feelings. Tommys boss promised that he would make sure that Tommy would honor all of her hard work. The end of the day was no surprise, and after Kathy bounced his balls off of his chin for awhile, and he sucked himself off. It was another day done. Tuesday through Friday went pretty much the same way, with the exception that his sandwich on Thursday and Friday had the crust cut off, and his special dressing was all over his fingers as he ate lunch with his friends.

Saturday was the second to the last day of the bet, and when he saw the little blue pill in the bathroom, he thought it was going to be just like wwwxxx the last Saturday. When he went downstairs, he was shocked to see that his wife had invited four of her friends over to play cards for the whole day. She smiled at her husband and told him that she had great news for him. The five girls were going to play spades all day long. And when someone wins, you get to fuck the winner. He saw what was going to happen right away. He would have been happy to get to have sex with these /women/sexy-women/">sexy women, but he knew what was going to happen afterward. One after another, the woman would stand and cheer that they won. After that, they would push Tommy onto the floor, and ride him until he shot off into their all too willing pussies, and then push the overflowing slit onto his face until all of his cum was gone, and the winner splashed his face with her own cum as well. Kathy made sure that every girl ’won’ twice that day. Sunday was a carbon copy of Saturday. Both Kathy and Tommy were spent and went to bed early.
As they were drifting off to sleep, Tommy wondered what the next years bet would be, and Kathy said she didn't know, but whatever it was, she could do it better.