Mike Alex and I

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Mike Alex and I

I had always known that I was gay ever since the age of 16. I had dreamt about having sex with another man, but I couldn?t ever find the way to tell anyone. I had been living with this secret for three years. I had just turned nineteen, and my friends took me to the beach for my birthday. We were surfing the waves for a little over two hours. My cock got stiff every time I saw a slight bulge from the swimming trunks of my friends.

I mostly /hung/">hung out with two guys throughout high school. Ones name was Alex. He was a tall guy at 6?3. He had short black hair with piercing blue eyes. We both had muscular bodies because we always surfed, but I always thought he was better looking than me. I had Brown hair and blue eyes, but I was way shorter. I stood at 5?10. Now Alex was hot, but no one I knew compared to Mike. Mike was the ladies man at school. Although he was a grade lower than me, every girl wanted to suck his dick, and from what I heard, it was pretty big. Sure, I had gotten short glimpses of it when we were changing, but I had never seen it upfront. Mike was 6? feet tall with /blonde/">blonde hair and green eyes. He was probably the most muscular out of us three because he was a skater and a surfer, not to mention on the schools /wrestling/">wrestling team.

After we got out of the water, we decided to go home. Mike and Alex asked their parents to spend the night because it was a Tuesday, and there was school the next day. I on the other hand, had graduated the year before. Their parents agreed and they came over. When they arrived we headed straight to the garage to play videogames and shoot some pool. It was 1 a.m., and my parents had finally fallen asleep, so I snuck out to the fridge to grab a couple of beers. Alex took some pot out of his night bag, and rolled us a joint. Soon the garage filled with smoke, and I opened the window.
We got bored, so we decided to play truth-or-dare. That?s when things took an unusual turn.

?Kevin,? Alex said as he turned to me. ?I dare you to let Mike and I stick our bare asses in your face.?
?I?ve never turned down a dare,? I said trying to sound reluctant.
Alex stood up first and unzipped indian santali xvideo his pants. I was stunned that he was actually doing it, and it was making me hot seeing him pull down his pants. He turned his ass towards me and pulled down his boxers to stick his ass in my face. The bulge in my pants was increasing rapidly. He held his ass there for at least five seconds and then pulled away.

?Dude, are you a fag?? Mike asked. ?it looked like you enjoyed that.?
?No Dude that was fucking sick, I said trying to deny it.
?Ok? mike said, ?just making sure?

Then Mike stood up, and pulled down his basketball shorts, and his boxer-briefs and put his nice round hairless ass in my face. He held his ass there too, and then pulled his shorts back up and sat down quickly.
?Your turn? Alex said.
?Truth or Dare?. Mike? I said
?Ok, I dare you to?? I knew this was my chance to make him do anything I wanted him to. ??..get some more beers from the fridge? OH SHIT. I messed up I had the chance to make him do anything, and I made him get beers, I thought I was a dumb ass, until I saw him stand up to go. He was trying to hide it, but there was no way you could miss it. He had a /boner/">boner sticking straight out, making a tent in his shorts.

?Dude, you have a boner, did you like that?? Alex said. Mikes face turned bright red. ?It?s ok? I said, ? I liked it too?
I knew if I wanted this night to go the way I had dreamt for years, I had to act now. Mike came back over and pulled down his shorts and boxer briefs all the way. His 8.5 inch cock stood straight in my face. I hesitated, and grabbed a hold, feeling his warm thick piece of meat. He closed eyes and opened his mouth to gasp, but before he could make a noise, Alex had began making out with him. I pulled off my basketball shorts and began to stroke my dick that was now leaking with pre-cum, and began sucking off Mike.

Alex began undoing his pants, and stroking his cock. I couldn?t believe what was happening. Three years of fantasizing, and all I had to do is tell Mike I liked ass in my face. Mike pulled away from my mouth and got on his hands and knees. Alex went to grab some lotion from the counter.

?I?ve wanted you to fuck me ever since I saw your cock three years ago? Mike said. Alex put some lube on his tight /asshole/">asshole and some more on mine. ? Put your dick in my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole you faggot? Mike screamed. I hesitated again, but did as he told me. I lined up my head with his little rosebud, and slowly entered.
?OH FUCK? he screamed out. Then suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my ass. I turned to see Alex ramming hid dick into my /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole. He began pumping in and out, faster and faster, and I followed suit with Mike. We were all moaning with pleasure. Alex started pumping faster and faster in me. Suddenly I felt him tense up, and felt him shoot his hot load in my ass hole. Shot after Shot, his warm liquid oozed inside me, until it began leaking out.

? shut the fuck up I whispered. ? my parents are sleeping upstairs.?
?oww? Mike said as I still pumped in and out of his tight virgin ass.
?What you little cock sucker? I said violently ?Take alain lyle porn this cock like a man?

Alex went and sat on the couch watching me and Mike fucking. I pulled out before I came inside him, and stood up. ?Suck my dick you pansey? I screamed forgetting about my parents. He obeyed and I began thrusting me rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in and out of his throat. He began to jerk off and came all over the floor. I lied down on the floor and motioned for him to come sit on my nice cut cock. He began bouncing up and down vigorously. ?OHHH SHIT? I yelled, again forgetting about my parents. I pushed him off me and threw him on his back. I began to jerk off and suddenly release my man juice all over his face. ?OHHHH YEAH? Alex screamed cumin simultaneously with me as he jacked off watching us two guys. He came over and began licking my cumm off Mikes face. WE all laid there with our cocks still erect, And the smell of fresh cum drifting through the garage.

Alex fell asleep first, still naked, and then Mike. I started drifting away, and then I looked out the window I opened to let the pot smoke out. There I saw my thirty six year old neighbor who had been watching us the whole time. He smiled, and I smiled, and I closed my eyes, Trying to make the next day come faster, so I could spend some time at my neighbors house.