A feast

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
A feast

I had had no idea such arrangement in advance. You hired me tohelp out with some holiday feast for 6, even I told you I can?tcook. You said I was definitely fit for the job. Now I know whyyou made me stripped naked at the job interview.. examining mybody parts every spots every skin. I showed up to work today notknowing that I was to be the plate, blindfolded and tied down onthe dining table spreading my legs wide apart, exposing all tothe guests: my sexy lips, my round firm breasts, my /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt, my/tight/tight-ass/">tight ass hole and all ?to them. Feeling humiliated thinking ofthe possibility that my body will be violated every part, everyhole. I can hear words exchanged in the room. They are all mennaked with harden /big/big-cocks/">big cocks, black, Asian, white, Hispanic allsorts. This is too much I can imagine. I can?t believe this ishappening to me. I never had black cocks before. Imaging a hugeblack cock disappearing in my cunt or /asshole/">asshole ..mmm it must be alovely view. My heart is beating fast with excitement, my body isflushed with heat, my cunt is dripping. I feel so ashamed that Iam enjoying this. When a cock was forced in my mouth, I took itwith anticipation?while my cunt is being teased, chocolatesauce, fruits dripping all over my body being? licked off.. Ifeel tongues and tongues.. hands squeezing.. fingers?sliding inand out..?. Oh? I moan before I realize that?s the sign ofsatisfaction? so much going on, feeling so good? I feel anurgent rush building inside me..?the cock in my mouth pumpsfaster? my body writhes wildly? oh.. I crashed as I scream?aaahhhhhhhhhhh..my first orgasm. I feel so ashamed that I am enjoying this! But Idon?t want this to stop? there will be more for me I hope?.Sinceyou had laid out the rules, I can feel safe knowing this willl beall pleasures... I can enjoy this rare /exotic/">exotic experience that awoman can wish for ....

part 2
As I am lying on the table still blindfolded, and hands /feet/">feet aretied down? bare naked in front of those hungry eyes and mouthsand hands .. cocks are anxious for penetration?I am trying tofree myself but there?s no way out. My tits are being nippedand sucked bytwo tongues and breasts are squeezed and pinched?..I hear giggles.. and laughter as whip cream is spread along mybody? chests and stomach?more tongues exploring, licking offmy body.. the excitement gives me goose bumps. Then a rally??yes?giveitto her.. she?s hungry stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv I bet??? I feel hands..fingers?atmy pussy? the applauds.. what?s going on I wonder? . It?scold and large touching my lips..and ? inserting.. I squirm?it dips in deeper.. the pleasure is almost immediate? ?hahha.Wow she loves it? she loves to eat that banana? man.. wheredid you find a banana that huge??? my cunt takes the bananawith anticipation ?the whole fruit is inside me.. more whipcream on the fruit.. on my clit .. ? ? the applauds getlouder? ?no.. she?s too tight she won?t take that? getthe carrot?yehhh yehh??. What?s going on? I wonder?twohands grasp my legs and pull my butt closer to the edge of thetable?..a thumb is slid into my asshole? another finger?stretching me?. Oh? I moan.. feeling the stretch is a littlemore forceful? then ? a cold feeling? touches?somethinghard.. slide in?and deeper? a slight pain? .. Thebackground is now quite.. I can only hear hard breathing? andmyself.. and the gasps? from everyone and my own sound?ahhhhh thecarrot in my ass? pumping in and out?. Someone ison top of me? pumping the banana in and out my pussy while acock is shoved into my mouth?I sense the flash and the sound ofcameras clicking? oh.. gosh.. I can?t take it?can?t takeit any longer? I writhe and writhe and scream?.aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh?another orgasm reaches its height? ?damm? look at her?she?s in heaven? someone whispers?? I heard othersscreaming and gasping. Hot juices shot on my breasts??soundedlike a couple guys were masturbating and came.
The pumps are not going to stop? extends the lust and pleasureinside me? ?Man .. I can?t hold anymore.. I?ve got tofuck her now? ? the carrot is pulled out?.hands under mybutt.. raise it? and the insertion? a cock found his way.. myasshole is white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie already stretched .. still can?t take the /cock/large-cock/">large cock?he breaths hard?forcing himself deeper? a little more pain ashis cock is penetrating my asshole? the mixture of the slightpain and the excitement is so intensifying.. ? ? Dang, lookat that /fucking/cock-fuck/black-cock-fucking/">black cock fucking her ass? how is it?? ? ?Damn,she?s tight?? ? I am all fed?three ways?The pleasure I have ever had. I cried out.."yes..fuck me. All of you.. fuck me like /real/real-men/">real men with real dicks. /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass, /cunt/cunt-fuck/fuck-my-cunt/">fuck my cunt, fuck my mouth. Dont have mercy on me