My Dirty Skanky Slutty Girlfriend and Me having dirty sex

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My Dirty Skanky Slutty Girlfriend and Me having dirty sex

It was a hot sunny day. Me and my Girlfriend decided to go to the pool. I said to her babe why dont you put on that /hot/hot-sexy/">hot sexy little biniki I got you the other day. She said to me which one babe you have bought me loads of bikikis. I said you know which one I am on about the one that is nice,short and colourful. Its almost see through but not quite see through. Oh I know the one you are on about yeah babe I will go get it and put it on for you.

Cool babe you do that dont be long Mr Meaty wants to see you in it to if you know what I mean babe. Oh I do thats why I love both of you she said. While she went inside to get the biniki and to try it on. I decided that I needed to blow off some steam before she came back and came to the pool. So I thought to myself what can I do to help get myself off? I know I get my portable dvd player and get one of my favourite porn dvds. It was called lesbians go wild and wet.

So as I was watching it I look at my watch and it was 5:30 pm. It was getting dark. My girlfriend at this time had been gone for about 2 hours. I thought to myself that is a long time to just try on a biniki and come back outside. So I then finished off watching the dvd and finished myself off. I then got out of the pool put back on my swim shorts and went back inside the house. As I got back inside the house I could smell this nice perfume scent in the air. I am loveing this I again thought to myself I wonder were that has come from and whos perfume is it. As I then walk through the living room in our big house. I decided to see where she was and what she was up to. So as I walked up the stairs I saw on each step that their was a thong or a pair of knickers on each step of the stairs. Why was this? Who had done this and more importanly was this for me.

Was she all horny and frisky for sweet sex right now?. As me and my girlfriend are 18 and we are still virgins did this mean that she was ready to lost her virginialty to me?. I wondered I never knew that she was ready but I really needed to know as I didnt want to have sex with her only for her to say that it was a mistake. What should I do. Do I ask her is this what she wants, is she ready and does she really want to have sex now. So now I was on the landing looking to see what room she was in. But you know what she was doing?. Yip you guessed it. Instead of her in the bikini I bought her. She was wearing a nice silk lace nightie. She looked very petite in it. Almost so that I could tear off all my clothes and fuck her right there. No I thought she propably took a long time to get ready for this that I will tease and play with her. So I sat on the bed laughing and messing around with her. Then I gave her a nice kiss on her lips saying what took you so long babe?. She said I was geting this nightie on. I was so horny that I just didnt want to go in the pool and then thats it.

I wanted something else. I think you know what it is. I try to act and pretend to not know what she was on about. I said in a strange way no I dont know what you mean. What do you mean? She said I want to have sex with you, I want to long my virginailty to you. You do want to have sex with me dont you? I said of course I do you know I do. She said ok then. First I want to take it slow lets do some foreplay with each other before we have sex. Ok I said thats fine with me but when we have full sex what do you want to do. She said well seens as we are still both virgins and this is our first time having sex you would think we would just take it slow wouldnt you?. I said of course you would. But she said I want to have full blown sex, I want to do everything, I want to fuck in all the sexual postions that there is I want to get fucked like a dirty skanky slutty slut. I looked at her much to say! Wow easy babe this is our first time we will be having sex why do you want to do everything now. We can do all that anytime we want. She said yeah I know that but I have gotten so horny lately more than I was. I have also been fingering myself more than I use to. But yet I have never ever had sex. I am so horny that I fancy doing all thoses things while we have sex together.

You dont mind doing that do you. No not at all you want that so I will give it to you But first I want you to do something for me. She said what is it? I said I want you to act like a dirty skanky slut that you really are. You know you are one so just admit it. She said well I can get skanky sometimes I dont mean to act like that tho. I said to her yes you do you have always been like that I want you to act like a skank,fuck like a skank and always act like a skank you can do that can you? She said of course I can do that but what if other people find out tho about me acting like a skank? You dont need to worry about that no one will ever find out that you act like a skank. If you want you can just act like a skank for me ok. Yeah ok I think I will love being a skank the thought of it makes me so wet and horny its so enjoyable. When we have sex I want you to do everything to me. I want you to fuck xxx sex video download free com my pussy,fuck my anal, let me suck you till you shoot your warm creamy load of /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth till I swallowed it like a skank that I will become.

Nice I like that you see if you try your best to act like a skank then you will become one. You have started to prove that you are one and this is a great start. So lets start to talk dirty to each other and then we will get on with having slow sex first of all. Yes babe I want you so much now my pussy is getting so wet for you. I just need you in me right now. Ok babe first the basics of sex we need to really talk dirty to each other so much that you start to drip that pussy juice of yours over the sheets. I need you to say to me while we talk dirty to each other say I want you your a perv and I am a skanky slut lets fuck like we could never fuck before. Now that does sound very nice and I will enjoy what we will do to each other. Now lets talk dirty. Ok babe who should start I will start babe skanks should always just enjoy it and let the man control.

Ok make me feel like a skank I want you to really make me feel like one. Oh babe I will dont you worry. Lets say one day that you was down stairs watching tv and I come in from being out. You just keep on watching tv not even saying hello to me. When I come over to you I grab you and start to mess around with you. Talking dirty to you smoothing your hair,kissing you lips. When I then laid you on the couch. Playing with your tits,messing around with you. Only to see you have got really turned on that your nipples start to poke out though your bra and top. I start to get a hard on. As you look you can see a big knob hard in my pants. I ask you what are you looking at babe? She says I am looking at that big knob in your pants. She gets hot and sweaty and says to me I want your big knob in my pussy, I want you to fuck me till I squirt my juices everywhere. I need you in me I just have to have you. Ok lets do it I take off all my clothes one by one. Then I slowly take her clothes off while slowly looking at her sweet body that I have wanted for ages.

We are both now naked. I say to her lets do it. She says to me come on big boy lets have you. I say but first to really get me off you must suck my big knob and gag on it to add to the hornyness of sex. She says to me give it to me give it to me now. I tell her go ahead suck it good and slow. She then goes ahead slowing licking the top of my now hard knob carefully making it feel good for me. She then goes to lick and suck while gaging on my also now hard balls. She asks do you like that /boy/big-boy/">big boy? Do you want me to gag so hard that I end up getting really horny till I just jump on you? Yes shank I want you I want you bad gag go on gag on my big knob. She starts to lick and suck really hard and fast on my knob. Oh shit I say that feels so good do it more do it more. Go on really gag till you throw up. As I say that she then starts to really try her best to do it. As she does it you can then heard a gaging sound like she really is gaging on it more like nearly throwing up. But then dont forget babe I say to her that was only dirty talk so far. I really do want you to do that to me but not yet.

Now you talk dirty to me. I want you to be dirty like I was talking to you. Ok babe I will be better than you was you dirty fuck. You think you are good I am better. Ok go ahead what can you do. Let me start one day I am in the bath and you are watching tv. As I am in the bath soaking wet and feeling horny I start to touch myself with the shower head as I do this I then think if I can get the big boy downstairs to help me wash my back. I wonder if he will then sexxxx video ful hd get turned on himself and that we will end up fucking in the bath! Yes I will do that she says to herself. As I am watching tv I then hear her call me from the bathroom. The sound of her voice always turns me on and always makes my knob hard. As she calls me I respone by saying what is it babe? What do you want and she says its a surpise you will have to come up stairs and see for yourself. I shouted up ok I will be there in a mintue. But before I went up stairs I thought to myself with a big smile on my face. What could she want? Or more importanly is she feeling horny just like I do right now?. I wonder so I say to her I am comeing babe. She respones by saying ok babe. I walk up the stairs and I open the door and I say you called me and she said yes I did big boy in a very kinky voice.